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Look up a contact or lead's LinkedIn profile from Salesforce for free

One of our most common feature requests at SalesBolt was the ability to be able to captureLinkedIn profile URLs into Salesforce - So much so that we've built this capability into our free Salesforce integration for LinkedIn

What's the use case?

It kinda makes sense, you're inside Salesforce and want a quicker way of getting to a prospects LinkedIn profile in order to do some research before a call (Salesforce did have a Salesforce social widget at one point it's since been shelved).

It's real easy to recreate a similar function with a little Salesforce admin / setup work.

If you're not an admin - don't fear,
click here and use our free tool that can grab the profile URL into Salesforce.

Craig Maxwell

I'm an admin, how can I make a social lookup?

You're in the right place! This guide will show you how to build your own lightweight LinkedIn integration for Salesforce using what's sometimes referred to as a "URL hack".

Use case

You want to get your sales team right into the LinkedIn profile of a lead so they can research that lead before making a qualification call.


We're going to create a neat little URL button that you can add to your record's page layouts in just a few minutes (It's super simple).

A LinkedIn search URL is coded into a custom Salesforce button and the search parameters of record being viewed are inserted into this URL using Salesforce merge fields, for example:


When the button is clicked in Salesforce it becomes:


Here's what your custom button should look like...

Display Type: Detail Page Button
Behaviour: Open link in new tab
Content Source: URL


URL / Code Content

Get SalesBolt and enable button click prospecting in Salesforce from LinkedIn with our integrated lead capture extension...

Let us know your thoughts. 👏

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